Root yourself in vibrant health

Learn simple, effective women’s wellness strategies so you can finally prioritize your health and achieve lasting results

What if you could learn to fully and completely nourish your body and your mind in just 9 weeks ~ is that something you’d want to do?

  • What if you could cut through all of the confusing, conflicting information out there and drill down to exactly what you need to know to support your health and happiness?
  • What if you could ditch the diet rollercoaster once and for all and know exactly what to eat to eliminate digestive distress and balance your weight?
  • What if you could boost your metabolism and level out your hormones so you can stop feeling exhausted and foggy all the time?
  • What if  you could deactivate your stress response and uplift your mood so you can stop feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and worried all the time?


You already know that eating less sugar and more veggies, and getting more exercise and more sleep, are healthy choices, yet, you’re perpetually stuck in a vicious, self-defeating cycle.

You’re doing your best to cope with women’s gender role expectations (hello people-pleasing behaviors), navigating a still-patriarchal system (women do the majority of home and child care), gender inequalities (more work, less money), the impossible expectations of mom life, and more. 

You’re trying to find your way through the maze of conflicting information, misinformation, emotionally manipulative advertising, and you’re using Dr. Google a little too often.

You’re sick of counting calories, fat grams, net carbs, steps, reps, and a million other things and you know there’s got to be a simpler way.

You know your mind and your body are intimately connected and you need to support both in order to heal.

You just want a clear, concise, easy to follow health and wellness roadmap that gives you sustainable results.

When we work together, you’ll learn proven holistic methods to stop yo-yo dieting, restore your energy, uplift your mood, improve your mindset, and reduce stress. You’ll experience the power of functional, integrative health approaches that take a real-life, whole-person, mind and body approach to wellness.

  • How to support healthy gut function while eating delicious foods you love
  • Tips to safely start burning stored fat and boost your metabolism to balance your weight
  • Strategies to design your ideal diet without caloric restrictions and constant counting
  • Ways to reset your overall hormone balance to support your mood and stress recovery
  • How to change your mindset and emotional regulation to improve your stress response system

You’ll love working with us if…

  • You’re tired of one-size-fits-all eating and exercise plans that don’t work because you plateau and get stuck
  • You’re fed up with yo-yo dieting and restrictive diets that leave you hungry all the time and always gaining the weight back
  • You’re sick of constant anxiety, overwhelm, worry, and not being able to shut your mind off or sleep soundly
  • You’re tired of being tired and foggy brained all the time, struggling to have enough energy to get through the day
  • You can’t stand feeling confused, discouraged, and unsure any more and you’re ready for total clarity

Our promise to you…


Anxiety & Depression | Hormonal Imbalances | Digestive Problems | Menstrual & Reproductive Issues | Weight Management Struggles | Autoimmune Conditions | Chronic Pain | Fatigue Troubles | Skin Disturbances | Cardiometabolic Disruptions

  • We teach using evidence-based nutrition and psychology
  • We give personalized guidance to every client
  • We use a partnership method: you know your body best
  • We use an integrative, whole-person approach
  • We use a real-world functional health model

Women’s body sovereignty is sacred, and you have an inherent right to protect your body and your mind, to treat yourself with respect, and to prioritize your self-care and health. 

Working with us is right for you if…

  • You’re ready to prioritize your own health and happiness without feeling guilty about it anymore
  • You want to cut through the BS and know the exact strategies that are right for you so you can save time, money, and frustration
  • You’re committed to taking simple sequential steps that continuously improve your health and happiness all the time
  • You want evidenced-based nutrition and psychology methods that are proven to really work for the long term
  • You want to gain knowledge that you can use to help your family, friends, and others improve their health and happiness too

How we can help…


Our small group coaching program, Nine Weeks to Nourished, takes you through our proven step-by-step method to prioritize your health and happiness while navigating your busy life. The program is delivered live so you can get personalized support at an affordable price. Session begins February 21, 2022.


Our monthly membership gives you ongoing weekly teaching about all things holistic wellness so you can optimize your nutrition, movement, sleep, mood and mindset. You’ll have access to resources, tips, and our private member’s forum where you can interact with like-minded women in a safe, sacred space.


Our private coaching program guides you through our 12-part Vibrant Health Blueprint program with 1:1 coaching sessions, personalized assessments, handouts and resources, custom supplement protocols, and optional certified nutrigenetics testing and other lab testing. Private coaching may be covered by your HSA/FSA.

What our clients experience…


Jasmine is in her early 50s. She came to us after decades of balancing a demanding career, a family of five, and well into perimenopause. In recent months, her weight had been creeping up, and she was noticing less stress tolerance, decreased mood, reduced energy, increased inflammation, and disrupted sleep. We pursued a gut healing protocol, identified some family behavior patterns around food that were problematic, worked on sugar reduction strategies (a key struggle for her), discussed good sleep hygiene and movement methods, and created a targeted supplement protocol. Jasmine lost 15+ pounds, continues to break through her sugar addiction, got clear on exactly what foods cause inflammation for her, significantly increased her movement, and improved her mental and emotional health and stress tolerance, allowing her to embark on an exciting new career path.


Margaret is in her mid-30s. She came to us after decades of high anxiety, low stress tolerance, and heavy periods with significant emotional distress. In recent months, these things had escalated, she was experiencing weight gain, low energy, and increasing depression, and she felt like she had only one good week out of every month. She already had healthy eating habits, so we focused on nutritional tweaks that supported her HPA axis, adrenals, stress response, and feel good neurotransmitters, and we targeted supplements to support mood and energy, sound sleep, and increased stress tolerance, and we created a cyclic method to best utilize her supplements. Margaret significantly reduced her anxiety, reversed her depression, stopped gaining weight, improved her stress tolerance, increased her energy, and reduced the physical and emotional symptoms around her period, allowing her to reclaim her life.


 Jean just turned 70. She came to us after decades of overwork, constant anxiety and stress, and always trying to do everything for everyone. After retiring five years ago, her anxiety increased dramatically and led to significant depression, marital problems, and feeling like a “lost soul“. We discussed the stress response system, worked on techniques to interrupt anxiety and panic attacks, developed communication strategies, and examined long-standing beliefs that were problematic. Jean drastically reduced her anxiety, figured out her stress triggers and took steps to eliminate them, changed how she communicated with her spouse and restored marital harmony, and said, “you changed my life!“

And then there’s me, Katt Tozier, the Founder of Habitually Happier Health Coaching and the head coach here.

I’m 100% healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally at age 57 than I was in my teens, twenties, thirties, and half of my forties.

I’ve suffered from extreme anxiety since childhood, and I had chronic throat infections then as well, and by the time I delivered my son, my third child, when I was 24 years old, I was already getting sick physically and mentally. Over the next ten years, I developed chronic pain (labeled Fibromyalgia), migraines, chronic fatigue, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, PTSD, major depression, PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), and more. In my mid-thirties, I spent an exhausting couple of years navigating the mainstream healthcare system and having lots of tests, trials of prescription medications, and talking to therapists. My symptoms just got worse—and I became dangerously addicted to anti-anxiety medications and pain killers. In 1999 I stopped all prescription medications and stepped away from mainstream healthcare for my everyday health needs, and I started my personal journey of investigating alternative and holistic wellness, implementing and experimenting with everything I learned. The more I learned, the more I healed. The more I integrated mind and body care, the more I healed. The more I found the customized solutions that worked for my unique needs, the more I healed. Eventually, I wanted to share all of what I had learned with others to help them heal, too, so I’ve spent the last two years digging into nutrition and psychology research, going back to school to earn certifications, and consolidating my decades of experience into the development of a proprietary professional health coaching model that cuts through the confusion and accelerates healing. 

FULL TRANSPARENCY: We honor client confidentiality and practice HIPAA complaince standards in our professional health coaching practice. Details of case studies are real; however, client names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Who we are…

We are a mother and daughters team who have merged our combined decades of education, knowledge, wisdom, and experience into the development of a professional health coaching model that uses evidence-based physical and mental health strategies to address women’s chronic health problems. 

We have developed a proprietary professional health coaching model to achieve three goals: empowering women to take back control of their health and their happiness; empowering women to pay it forward personally among their family and friends or professionally through the development of their own professional health coaching business; and to be frontline advocates for integrative healthcare practices that include professional health coaches acting as liaisons among healthcare practitioners, facilitating a functional medicine model.

We partner with Evexia Diagnostics to offer our health coaching members access to certified lab testing. We are accredited partners with 3×4 Genetics to give our health coaching members access to their personal nutrigenetic profile. We partner with Fullscript to offer our health coaching members access to high quality supplements and supplement protocols.

We are educating, empowering, and equipping a community of women who want to take control of their own health and happiness, advocate for women and families, and participate in the vital change that’s necessary to revolutionize women’s wellness.